Egan Maritime Institute

Honoring Nantucket's Maritime Traditions

Egan Maritime Institute is a non-profit organization devoted exclusively to celebrating the rich maritime history of Nantucket Island. Egan Maritime Institute took shape when Nantucket native Albert F. Egan Jr. and his wife Dorothy H. Egan created a foundation in 1989 to showcase the island’s seafaring heritage. Since then, the institute has worked with on-island and off-island organizations to present a calendar of enlightening and entertaining programs to enhance your experience on and off the island. These programs include annual publication through Mill Hill Press, annual maritime exhibit at the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, 158 Polpis Road, up to date weather, tide, wind and tide reports via, guest speakers, films, art exhibits, concerts and launched its inaugural program summer 2013 “Sea of Opportunities”, maritime education program for students.